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All after school activities at Delphi Community Middle School are canceled for the remainder of the week. The Delphi United Methodist Church opens for a vigil. Autopsies are conducted in Terre Haute on the bodies discovered during Tuesday’s search. Kim Riley with Indiana State Police provides a brief update on the investigation.Local authorities convene a meeting after the autopsies are complete. He says the autopsies are complete but declines to confirm the identities or discuss a suspect or person of interest in the case.

15 comments While many foreigners initially find dating in the Netherlands daunting or inaccessible, understanding Dutch personality traits and mentality can help reduce miscommunicating the ‘flirting' signals as practised by Dutch women and Dutch men.Since the pair's disappearance, the TBI says they have received more than 650 leads. – The homicide case involving two Delphi teenagers has left the Carroll County community on edge as police search for a killer. A tip line has been set up for any information related to this case. Information provided will be taken and followed up on by officers working the case. Here’s a timeline of the case as it has developed so far: 1 p.m.However, some facts in the Dutch dating game remain true regardless of where you meet new people in the Netherlands.What is the Dutch men dating culture or how should you approach Dutch women?Of course, similar to elsewhere, online dating in the Netherlands is increasingly becoming the norm as taboos are shed, particularly among older daters.

This has changed the Dutch dating game in some respects as 'first dates' are moving to online dating platforms and social media.C., less than two hours after RCMP were notified about her disappearance.The death of Marrisa Shen is being treated as suspicious and is now being investigated by the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team.Before disappearing with Thomas, Cummins was spotted in this surveillance footage buying dark hair dye and searching "teen marriage" online.(Courtesy Tennessee Bureau of Investigation) Before disappearing with Thomas, Cummins was spotted buying dark hair dye and searching "teen marriage" online.Authorities don't believe the hair dye is connected to the kidnapping.