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Traces of the ancient observatory were found during the excavation of the Paregan mound in the province of Khormozgan in southern Iran.

The exam split us apart and we prioritized ourselves over our allies. " — Levy Mc Garden to Levy is a rather young, petite teenage girl of a slender build who stands at a rather below-average height for her age.

From the 16th to 22nd July, 2017 in Riga (Latvia) 25 young researchers from Latvia, Lithuania, Greece and Germany participated in the Summer School entitled: “Sustainable Transport Interchanges Program (STIP) – Part I: Freight Transportation”.

This event was organized by ECTRI Members TTI and Fraunhofer-IFF, with partner TTLog. /2017 TRA VISIONS 2018 - Extended deadline for the Young Researcher Competition.

Levy has also been the only person to read Lucy's novel with her consent, showing their level of trust in each other.

At times, however, Levy can be rather competitive: before the start of the S-Class Promotion Trial, she rewrote Freed Justine's runes seemingly for the whole boat, though she quickly revealed that she merely rewrote them for Gajeel and herself.

"We can conclude that this structure served as an astronomical observatory," the archaeologist added.

To verify data on the findings, Asadi's research team initiated the second stage of excavations.Nearest capital city is Brisbane in the State of Queensland, Australia.To convert this time to your current place of residence in the world please visit: A UNIVERSAL ‘1’ Year represents the start of a fresh new cycle – a new 9 year cycle of creativity, learning and growth.Sharing with you my Annual Celestial Overview for 2017.You may wish to book mark this page and refer back to it throughout 2017 ☆ I will regularly update this page during the year with articles/audios/videos to help you make you make the most of the energy !You may also like to sign-up to my Newsletter & be the first to hear about upcoming Celestial happenings including special offers, gifts & free tools.

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