17 dating 21 ohio

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All Jacob Jarvis wanted to do was get in at least one practice rep before taking the field for his debut with Ohio State. Barrett in his wheelchair, tucked the ball under his left arm and used some head fakes to juke to the end zone and cap off the festivities Saturday afternoon in the Horseshoe with a 20-yard touchdown that launched a wild celebration around him as the clock expired."I found out early this morning, about 10 o'clock," Jarvis said at midfield after the game. But Jarvis wound up stealing the spotlight after senior defensive linemen Jalyn Holmes and Tyquan Lewis came up with the idea to get Jarvis involved in the game plan."He was ready to go -- he wanted to practice it," Holmes said.The 17-year-old with muscular dystrophy did just fine without it, though. "I'm glad he got to do it and I got to see him enjoy that moment.

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The issue that's really a grey area is whether it's socially okay.

And to be honest, that really depends on the people around you and whether or not they'd put you in a bad light if they found out that you were dating a girl that young.

For example, in my group of friends, people would be like "Yeah whatever, as long as you love each other, ps use a condom" but in others, it would be a huge drama.