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Updated Sun Aug 27th It feels like fall is in the air here at Burke.Today we'll see Blue skies and sunshine paired with comfortable temps during the day and long sleeves required at night, just how we like it. Toll Road, summit trails, and summit shuttle will be completely closed for a private event today Sunday, 8/27.

OPTION 1: Wednesdays, July 12 - August 23 (no class August 16), -pm Instructor: Jeremy Ayers 5 / 9.50 Members This class is an introduction to clay, pottery, and the ceramics studio.

Learn how to craft flakey biscuits, decadent wedding cakes,exciting party treats, hearty breads and beautiful desserts. This course will enlighten and maybe inspire you to start a few hives of your own.

Topics to include: History of Honey Bees, Bee Biology, Equipment, How to Get Started, Hive Management and more.

There will be plenty of question-and-answer time as well as discussion time and all the information needed to start your own beekeeping operation.

Mike Willard is Vice-President of the Vermont Beekeeper's Association.

Class includes one bag of clay and access to the Clay Studio’s open studio hours during the weeks of the class. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER WHEEL THROWING Thursdays, July 13 - August 17, -pm Instructor: Chris Vaughn 5 / 9.50 Members This class is an introduction to clay, pottery, and the ceramics studio.

Additional clay is sold separately at /25lb bag. Students will work primarily on the potter’s wheel, learning basic throwing and forming techniques, while creating functional pieces such as mugs, vases, and bowls.We also acknowledge the many dedicated eagle fans from around the country and the world who have been with us from the beginning, and who have provided a great deal of support for this project. The campus is in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, approximately 1/4 mile from the Potomac River.National Conservation Training Center | Friends of the NCTC The eagle nest is located approximately 75 miles from Washington, D. Kudos to Sutton and Danville Schools and teachers Karen Budde and Gerry Whitaker!Check out this image of a co-taught - and INTERACTIVE - Latin class!(FYI, I "sat in" on the class via my web cam and Scopia Desktop) From a user perspective, the LNV includes 3 different systems that combined are the LNV.