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You will need to download the benefits claim form (PDF 2.87MB).You can also download the new claim information booklet (PDF 599KB) which tells you about the benefit claim process and the information we need from you. You can hand in your completed form at a one stop centre, or if you are a council tenant, at your local housing office.

If you have booked with a Tour Operator such as Monarch Holidays or Avro and Cosmos, you will need to contact them directly for date and name changes, baggage allowance confirmation and premium upgrades.

If you want to claim housing benefit but are self-employed you'll also need to complete our self-employed income and expenditure form (Word 62KB) and send it back to us along with any other forms we've asked you to complete.

From 1 April 2016 the maximum period for which a housing benefit claim may be backdated is one month. For pension age the maximum period for which a housing benefit claim may be backdated is still 3 months.

If your rent includes bills, insurance or meals, Housing Benefit will not cover these costs.

The amount of Housing Benefit you get depends on: Before you complete the benefits claim form (PDF 2.87MB), use the benefits calculator to work out your benefit entitlement.

Be aware that webcam footage can also be recorded by someone and then potentially shared and uploaded anywhere online.

Online friendship On some services you may receive chat requests from people you don’t know.If you or someone you know is in need of immediate help in a crisis, call 999.For assistance, support and guidance please call the appropriate helpline or visit the links from the options below.ID=&List=', 'center:1;dialog Height:500px;dialog Width:500px;resizable:yes;status:no;location:no;menubar:no;help:no', function Goto Page After Close(pageid), null); You can find the best way to contact each service in our Services A-Z.Alternatively, you can contact our general enquiries team on 01 or write to us at Leeds City Council, Civic Hall, Calverley Street, Leeds, LS1 1UR.Please log in to our online portal to view details of your housing benefits payments or council tax.

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