Barbie hsu dating

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Barbie hsu dating

Neither Wang nor Zhang mentioned Wang’s engagement to Hsu.Zhang, who attracted media attention and started her acting career by starring in Stephen Chow’s 2007 Hong Kong film “CJ7,” began dating Wang, the son of Beijing-based South Beauty Group president, last summer.

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He’s been friends with Rainie since she played Barbie Hsu‘s best friend in , but its safe to say that Rainie knows EVERYONE in Taiwanese entertainment and is friends with most of her peers.On micro-blogging site Twitter, the comeback telecast of "Meteor Garden" was met with excitement by long-time fans and new viewers alike, making it a trending topic in the Philippines and worldwide.But have you ever wondered what ever happened to Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Vanness Wu, Ken Chu and Barbie Hsu after "Meteor Garden" ended? JERRY YAN THEN: Jerry Yan became popular in 2003 when he played the role of Dao Ming Si.Mainland actress Zhang Yuqi, who was Wang’s ex-girlfriend, confirmed her breakup with Wang through her micro-blog Wednesday, saying they had separated because of character differences.On the same day, Wang also confirmed his breakup with Zhang through his micro-blog, saying they were still friends.He has issues with other people and he only trusts his three best friends.

He also thinks money can buy everything until he meets Shan Cai.

Though Barbie is constantly plagued by pregnancy rumours, there has been no good news from the actress thus far.

All eyes are on the 36-year-old now following her husband’s public declaration of his longing to be a dad.

This resulted in triggering Barbie's epilepsy and she was immediately transferred to the intensive care unit of the hospital, according to Jaynestars.

Like Us on Facebook A lot of Barbie's fans were worried about her condition when the news circulated in the country.

Wang Xiaofei, Barbie's husband, thanked everyone, especially family and friends, for their prayers and revealed that their son is very healthy.

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