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These include great protein products like Nectar, and liquid proteins like Pro Joe and Profect.

Smart Shake gives you the freedom to carry around everything you need - all in one unit!They have great prices, options and support your questions with great information.Part of being successful is having what you need to maintain the "lifestyle" change you committed to for the surgery, this is site helps you stay on track with protein options they offer..." - Brian My Bariatric Pantry is a family-owned business that specializes in food and supplements developed for those who have undergone bariatric surgery.We only carry the best products from the best companies in the Bariatric field.We don't carry every product from these companies for various reasons, so if you're interested in a product that you don't see here just let us know.There are also several good cook books specifically written specifically for the bariatric surgery patient, including…If pouring a bowl of cereal is the extent of your meal-preparation ability or if you prefer having pre-made meals readily available in your freezer, there are several reliable services that will deliver high-quality custom meals right to your doorstep for a reasonable price.

When you’re ready to hit the kitchen or order your food…Every patient’s stomach size is a little different after bariatric surgery, but it’s likely that you’ll be eating around 4 ounces of food per meal (if you’re a lap band patient and can eat more than this, you may need a fill). The trick is to stop eating before you feel full, which can be tough at first considering how small your meals are compared to what they used to be.Above, you will find some of our most popular bariatric surgery foods and food for diabetics.This includes delicious bariatric meals and snacks that we have recently added to our catalogue of healthy food.Our core product line includes chewable multivitamin formulas for all procedures, one encapsulated multivitamin product, multiple flavors of calcium citrate lozenges, a vitamin B 12, and two doses of chewable carbonyl iron.We also provide specialty products such as a high-potency B-complex, thiamine, biotin, vitamin D, fish oil, probiotics and more.In addition to those on a bariatric diet, diabetics and health-conscious individuals will also appreciate our low-carb, high protein food options.

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