Bayesian statistics archaeological dating

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C-12 and C-13 are stable but C-14 decays at a known rate, with a half-life of 5,568 years.

Bayesian statistics, as applied to dating in archaeology, allows the combination of different types of dating methods, substantial improvements in the resolution of dates, and the assigning of dates to events previously considered undateable.The SUERC results showed a 95% probability that the bone samples dated from around AD1430-1460, and over in Oxford the results both came out at around AD1412-1449, again with a 95% confidence. Radiocarbon dating of marine organisms can be out by up to several hundred years, and this effect can occur to a lesser degree in terrestrial life where sea-food forms part of the diet.The mass spectrometry of the Greyfriars bone samples reveals that the individual in question had a high-protein diet including a significant proportion of seafood.Fundamentally, the aim of my research is to rescue archaeology from the mire of fuzzy chronology to which visual inspection of calibrated radiocarbon dates consigns us, and to reclaim ‘time of the middling sort’ for our, particularly prehistoric, narratives.Archaeology is good at the long-term, indeed it has carved a niche within the academy as discipline with a long reach back into time.Archaeology is also good at the short-term, at the few hours one afternoon when a person in the past sat by a fire and knapped out a flint tool.

What Bayesian statistics give us is the human time in the middle – generations, lifetimes, ‘that time that granny told me about when she was a girl’ – and the ability to create narratives of people in the past.

Biological & Environmental Sciences Faculty of Natural Sciences University of Stirling Stirling Scotland, FK9 4LA tel: 44-7584 522333email: Alex Baylissweb: https:// My research focuses on the construction of precise chronologies for archaeological sites, environmental records, and aspects of material culture.

I combine disparate strands of evidence --- stratigraphy, typology, seriation, lithology, radiocarbon dates, coin dates, and many others – in formal, Bayesian statistical models.

Through MSc students in Statistics at Sheffield I have also been involved in work on mathematical models for changes in nitrogen isotopes with weaning, and the analysis of uncertainty in chronologies constructed from ancient near eastern King Lists.

I have co-supervised Ph D students working on modelling the Mousterian-Aurignacian transition in Europe using radiocarbon dates, and on estimating the uncertainty in luminescence dates.

I have also worked on the development of novel methods to interpolate the age of events identified in palaeoenvironmental sequences from sediment cores.

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