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Why didn’t she raised the issue of “ when on dated 12th October, 2016 i.e on the occasion of Muharram when lots of Hindus were massacred by muslims at Golebazar in Kharagpur town, the Muslims were carrying out procession of Taziya from nearby Masjid did continuous bomb blasts, arson, loot and set fire to over 50 places including Hindu shops, Mandirs, bikes, houses, etc causing much damage.

What began as a protest soon escalated into a violent roving mob ransacking houses of the majority Hindu community in the district.

But if you are going to threaten me with guns, I want you to know that I have the capability of snatching your guns away (banduk kere neoar khomota rakhi ami). I will give my life if need be, but I will not let them break Bengal,” said the Chief Minister at the event.

Earlier in the day, Banerjee held meetings with the chief secretary, DGP and also with the chairmen of the 15 development boards that the TMC government had set up ahead of the 2016 assembly elections.

GJM chief Bimal Gurung was clearly on the Chief Minister’s mind.

While she was honouring one of the five (late) journalists, she called him Bimal Gurung by mistake, quickly rectifying herself.


NOPR also hosts three Popular Science Magazines viz.She collected a few crores of money in her NGO account & later on, as per full probe & full investigations made/done by certain Governmental agencies, it was truly found & proved that, she diverted a huge amount of her NGO fund from her NGO account to her personal bank accounts.In this way, she tried to cook her entire food, all the time, ( when a funeral fire is going on ) in the name of helping & rehabilating, the Gujrat riot victims. Barkha Dutt see a single incident happening against the muslims as very gruesome & barbarous but never thinks the same in favour of Hindus, when a single Hindu gets massacred.A very good thing, what I want to say is that, whenever certain misfortunate events are done, performed or created by the minority community against the Hindus – then this is called “ Raslila ” but when the same thing or an event happens against these minority community, then this is called “ Vyabhchar ”. Teesta Setalvad had made lots of hue & cry in the media & in the public ( in favour of the muslim community ) from the past many years, when Gujrat Riots in the year 2002 occurred, when lots of muslims were killed.The tribe has been traditionally practicing fishing with their indigenous gears and fishing techniques.