Bf2 score not updating

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So I thought I’d create a quick little repository of all the info I’ve found thus far.Note: I will continually update this page as I come across more information so bookmark it and visit often.

This plugin creates a function which outputs your Battlefield 2 profile statistics. It’s intended for your sidebar, but can also be used on a Word Press page.

There could be many factors for this however check below for an answer that may suit you. so if the server is ranked either by the hub or revive. Please note that the migration of these stats may not appear successful at first.

(check the Serverlist actual ranked servers) BF2 Does not understand a 2 party system where the ranking system is divided between two providers. Be careful if you care about your points what server you play on. i already got 53 knife kills nad nothing i'm playing on S3 @super karkand he on the server list and nothing in queue my account is perfect but i can't get the knife badge1 please help-me OPS is my father that can't get it carlos_ell_matador he don't like forums but i want he with a first sergeant rank please help Elitewalop, Please go into the "My CP" area in the drop down box that appears when you click on your name in the top right corner of these forums. Click on the RMS tab and you will then see a "Synce Archive" tab. The Synce Archive tab should then, hopefully, find your stats and migrate them into the data base.

It has a super clean design using some fancy css layout that allows for individual column sorting within tables.

Every few games I get enough points to go up in rank but when I do it is always to the same rank and I get no unlocks. See the Network Status ( of 28 September which says: "We are aware that some users are either missing unlocks or not receiving stats for some rounds.

I have gotten to the 4th or 5th rank but the game doesn't let me go higher, every time I get a promotion it goes back down to a previous point count in the last rank. I've been playing for several hours over the past two days, yet my score only counted one round I played a few minutes ago. We are investigating the issues and hope to have a fix ready by the weekend." My experience is that my unlocks only show on some servers, while my rank is always accurate.

Missing unlocks include the Squad Leader Beacon which is usually available event to the lowest ranks Don't you worry child, it was JUST like this in the original back in the days ;) Got me laughing my arse off when I first realised the buggy unlock point system is just like the ol' one :'D Wait.

These small files show the BF2 logo in the background, and look much nicer. Removing all the original movies from the game can save over 250MB of data being loaded up during the start of the game and being placed into memory - this will help smooth your gameplay particularly for those with less RAM.

If for any reason you experience any problems with the game after renaming the movies, simply rename them back to their original names.

Update:6/23/07 Great new overall Tips & Strategy site.

This is probably the best and most comprehensive one out there now.

Update: Instead of the above, the quick way to disable the intro movies is to simply use the restart command line command in your BF2 startup icon: E.g.: "C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 2\BF2.exe" restart See the Advanced Tweaking section for more details on how to use command line options.