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While he's never revealed to be a replicant in the basis for ), the movie leaves things more ambiguous.

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He reportedly gave her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and someone attempted to tie a tourniquet around her arm to stop the bleeding from one of the gunshot wounds.

These replicants can be distinguished from humans after answering two dozen questions in the Voight-Kampff test.

In the original movie, however, we're introduced to the replicant Rachel, whose true identity is difficult to identify using the Voight-Kampff test and, in the theatrical cut of the film, is revealed not to have the four-year lifespan.

When Oscar Pistorius—the South African “Blade Runner,” who overcame a double amputation to compete in the Olympics last year—shot his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, on Valentine’s Day, the millions he’d inspired were faced with a shocking possibility: that their hero was also a killer. on February 14, Detective Hilton Botha, a 24-year veteran of the South African Police Service, was awakened by a phone call from his colonel.

With Pistorius claiming that Steenkamp’s death was an accident, Mark Seal delves into the murder case that has rocked the country, and the paths the couple took to that fatal night. “Oscar’s shot his girlfriend,” Botha told his wife, Audrey, after hanging up. “We all know Oscar,” she told me a month later in a Johannesburg café, where we sat with her husband.

It would be easy to take this space to list Derek Jeter's accomplishments and statistics.

After all, Tuesday night marked the 14th All-Star appearance from a player with five World Series rings. As much a Jeter is known as one of the most respected and professional athletes in the world of sports, he is famously known for being private as well.

We have to thank Sports Nation for tweeting an absolutely incredible Derek Jeter "Dating Diamond" during the game.

It's only right that The Captain has a Victoria Secret supermodel on this list.

have spent years discussing and debating one particular mystery: is Harrison Ford's Rick Deckard a person, or is he actually a replicant?

Different people behind the production have provided different answers to this question, and on the big screen the truth remains ambiguous. Asked if Deckard is a human or a replicant, the Canadian filmmaker first declined to answer - saying "Now that I am on the other side of the fence I cannot answer" - but then he followed-up by discussing his approach to that matter in the sequel: The irony of Denis Villeneuve's quote is that it's as ambiguous as the subject it's about.

What does "take care of that" mean in this context?