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After a period of preparation (called formation) sisters and nuns take lifelong vows.Usually they take vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience; that is, they promise to live simply, to live celibately, and to follow the will of God through their community. Religious communities continue to exist even though some individual communities, because of age and fewer members, may merge with others or die out altogether.

“I trained students from Lester Pearson Collegiate near our centre in Scarborough to do that and they’ve been running their own Friday service for years,” said Shaikh Yusuf Badat, imam of the Islamic Foundation of Toronto and director of religious affairs.“They’ll write sermons about things like honesty and I provide the readings for them from the Qu’ran.

The board disagrees, but if compliance is an issue Muslim scholars say the fixes are easy.

Public schools that allow formal prayer services during the day are breaching Ontario’s Education Act, say critics and education experts.

Sisters Lorren Harbin, Dian Hall and Pat Eichner make up the Vocations Team for the Sisters of St. Sister Lorren is in Colorado; you can reach her at 970/260-2287 or [email protected]

Sister Dian is in Georgia; her phone number is 770/546-6461 and her email is [email protected]

Theological Opinions: Documents are prepared in response to a request for an opinion on a specific theological issue (e.g., from the president of the Synod, a district, board, commission or dispute resolution panel).

The services of Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer and Night Prayer for today, yesterday and the next four weeks are available on this site to help you find time for God during your day.Church House Publishing produce a free Daily Prayer app to make it even easier to access Daily Prayer wherever you are.Download the i OS (Apple) version of the free Daily Prayer app Download the Android version of the free Daily Prayer app Pray the Daily Office now in online mobile friendly format Each of these services - drawn from the two collections of services and prayers authorized for use in the Church of England: - is available in either contemporary of traditional form.Make your choice of service and click on the date you want below.If you decide to print off any of the material, please read the copyright information first. The Commission on Theology and Church Relations document library includes: Reports: The CTCR brings matters of theology to the membership of the Synod through special studies and documents.