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If the current trend holds, China's urban population could top 1 billion people in the next two decades. In March, the government released the National New-type Urbanization Plan, which sets targets for China's urban population fraction to rise by 1% a year to reach 60% by 2020. It covers almost every conceivable aspect of urbanization, from rural–urban migration and integration to the spatial distribution of and linkages between cities; sustainable development; institutional arrangements; and implementation.

Canada has already disposed of two Arcturus and turned the third into a permanent maintenance trainer; and is in the process of updating and extending the life of only 14 of the 18 Auroras with the intention to operate only ten aircraft in a rotatable pool of 14 to achieve a life expectancy to 2030 at a reduced pace of operations. During RIMPAC 2015, a multi-national exercise in the Pacific, the U. Navy publically stated that the systems in the updated Aurora are performing at level they hope to attain with their newly acquired P-8 Poseidon surveillance aircraft in ten years. A new statistical approach estimates the natural rate over the past 100 years. Analysis based on the global relationship between economic development and oil demand illustrates the prospects for Chinese oil demand growth and the resulting opportunities and challenges for U. However, the natural rate is not directly observable and must be estimated.Designed and built in Canada by Canadair (now Bombardier) the Argus was the most capable ASW aircraft of its era.In the early 1980s the obsolete Argus fleet was replaced by 18 CP-140 Aurora ASW patrol aircraft and three CP-140A Arcturus Arctic and Maritime Surveillance Aircraft. It is perhaps the greatest human-resettlement experiment in history.

Between 19, the fraction of the nation's population dwelling in cities increased from 17.9% to 52.6% (see 'Urban expansion').Research shows that urbanization does promote economic growth in China.Second, to keep its economy growing, China needs to shift from its current reliance on exports by spurring domestic demand.High-income countries typically have high urban population proportions — 70–90% for countries in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.By comparison, China's urbanization lags behind its industrialization.Although China’s growth has slowed recently, the country’s demand for oil could be entering a period of faster growth that could result in substantially higher oil prices. Results suggest the natural rate has been remarkably stable over history, hovering between 4.5 and 5.5% for long periods, even during the Great Depression.

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