Brett ratner dating serena williams

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“I definitely want to have kids one day,” she told America’s Glamour magazine.“That’s always something I’ve wanted as long as I could remember.

Chris Evert, an icon of the game, questioned Serena's dedication just 18 months ago. The players Serena entered the game with are long retired, burned out and discarded.And she would not have given a flying fuck what you thought.This is a woman who one minute is reading inspirational notes during changeovers and then, in the 2009 U. Open semifinals, threatening to personally make a line judge eat a tennis ball.And I said yes.” The tennis star first met the 33-year-old entrepreneur in 2015, and they have been smitten with each other ever since.Earlier this year Serena also revealed her plans to expand her family, revealing she wants to have children as soon as she settles down with the right partner.And yes, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; self-esteem is an issue here because if it weren’t, Black superstars wouldn’t feel compelled to settle for white nobodies. maybe the fish actually more appropriate – and seeming like whatever else they did in their lives until that moment pales (pardon the pun) in comparison?

A Tiger Woods would marry the daughter of a billionaire or an award winning actress, musician, scientist, doctor or lawyer and not a… And now we’ve got a Black female who’s the greatest tennis player of all time, male or female, and she’s engaged to…

And the older I get, the more I’m like, ‘I’m too young!

’ “Hopefully I’ll be able to mature one of these days, get serious, and at least have them (kids) pretty fast.” Ohanian is the latest in a long line of suitors for Serena -- she has also dated filmmaker Brett Ratner, basketball player Amar’e Stoudemire, actor Hosea Chanchez, Common, and sportsmen C.

Serena Williams got engaged to Alexis Ohanian, a Reddit co-founder, this on the heels of a few high profile relationships with Black dudes like La Var Arrington, Drake and Common so you can’t say she never gave a Black man a chance. Well, which website did he co-found, nigga: Google?

Then again, she also dated movie director Brett Ratner; sexy from only a financial perspective; if even then. ”, like they’re holding up a big fish or maybe a trophy or some shit – the trophy being more appropriate, or, who knows?

Tennis champion Serena Williams has announced her engagement to tech entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian. “At the same table we first met by chance, this time he made it not by chance, but by choice,” she wrote.