Caught on audult cam

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Caught on audult cam

HOUSTON - A Houston homeowner is hoping surveillance footage will help catch an intruder who defecated on her doorstep.The man was seen on camera cursing and muttering Saturday morning at a home on La Branch Street on the Midtown/Museum District border.

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Witnesses said his friends recorded the stunt that went horribly wrong.

“We see bears, especially cubs, being killed by other bears; that's why mother bears are very protective,” Hamon said, adding that they also sometimes find bears dead at the bottom of cliffs.

“But our understanding of the non-traumatic mortality modes is fairly uncommon.” The bears’ bodies were shipped to the National Wildlife Health Center in Madison, Wis., for testing.

Not soon after, another bruin, this one an adult, collapsed and died on camera. We've examined the organs to see if anything is visibly traumatic.

NPS field biologist Michael Saxton said NPS doesn’t yet know the cause of death. We would expect to get toxicology reports back fairly but getting back things like bacteria cultures could take months." Troy Hamon, Katmai's chief of resource management, said the park has never witnessed a bear die from unknown causes like this.

The homeowner's daughter, who is still shaken by what she saw, did not want to be identified."He's mumbling and saying all this stuff getting angry," she said.

After getting notifications from the Ring doorbell app, the daughter decided to check the camera footage recorded on the device."Then he puts his phone down picks up an old board and hits the camera," she said.Teens have posted video on social media of others pulling the same prank at different stores across the country."I think it's the wrong thing for them to do, you know, because of the ecosystem that it upsets,” said customer Doug Hammond.Bass Pro Shops brought in an animal care team to assess the fishes’ health, and said they’re doing okay.“Our associates and security team quickly addressed the issue safely and without incident,” said Bass Pro Shops in a statement. In Russia, a camera was placed in the wild to take snaps of untainted nature.Though the camera was originally intended to capture pictures of tigers, another unusual predator was captured instead.They plan to bring it up with the mayor at a meeting next week.