Chengdu dating website

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Chengdu dating website

The coffins are believed to belong to the kings of Shu during the Warring States Period. According to Zhu Zhangyi, an archaeologist and deputy chief of the Jinsha Site Museum in Chengdu, boat-shaped coffins were very popular in Sichuan during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period.

Unwind in a neighbourhood teahouse, savour the authentic spicy food, enjoy wonderful Sichuan Opera performance, or visit religious and archaeological sites.

Since entering China in 1981, ZF has made steady development in China.

At present, ZF has set up 2 regional headquarter in China (including 2 engineering technology center), 32 manufacturing enterprises, 3 aftersales service and trade companies as well as 239 aftersales service networks all over the country.

The two cities have conducted frequent official exchanges since establishing the sister city tie in 2013.

Home to some 271,000 people, Haifa is the smallest city in the world with three Nobel Prize laureates, while Chengdu is a top tourist destination and center of science and technology in southwest China with 14 million residents.

The deputy mayor also extended an invitation for Chengdu business people to invest in research and development at the Haifa Life Sciences Park, the country's first dedicated business park.

Known as the home of the giant panda due to the excellent reputation of its research and breeding base, Chengdu is well worth exploring in its own right.

Archaeologists also unearthed more than 1,000 tablets inscribed with Buddhist scriptures and more than 500 pieces of stone sculpture, as well as glazed tiles with inscriptions.

The temple's discovery could greatly contribute to the study of the spread of Buddhism in China during that time, said Mr Wang Yi, director of the Chengdu Cultural Relic Research Institute.

With the Metro Line 1 and 4 directly in front of the hotel, the up-scale Dorsett Grand Chengdu offers easy accessibility for both business and leisure travellers.

2.1km from hotel, taxi: 10mins, RMB10 Youngling is the five dynasties and ten states Shu Wang before the founding emperor's mausoleum, commonly known as the tomb when, China is the only known in the building above the ground and the first discovered through a formal imperial mausoleum.

Aviva Shpigelshtein, deputy secretary-general of Haifa Municipality, has visited Chengdu twice since the sister city tie was forged.