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Contrary to the name of the webcomic, it is not about a wizard with six firearms.You'd think that a comic with the name "6 Gun Mage" would be about that, but it's not.

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Girl Genius, for example, puts out 1 page every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.) driver testing site Dan Creed [1] - Dang Blasted Idiot [1] customer at The Ale House Danny Wyman [1] - Dark Wood [1] - Dates [73] entries with days, dates, ages, etc Day One [3] live-action movie adaptation of the first Misfile book via Kickstarter Daye Spa [5] - Devil Ash [2] - Diet [1] - Diner [52] generic: diners, cafe, restaurant Dirt Road [7] - Dog Walsh [3] Dog-owning Walsh clan member Dollar Sign [1] - Doorbell [1] - Doris [3] caterer Dr Patricia Warding [3] - Dream [40] from daydreams to nightmares Dress [82] Ash in a …Dress Shop Asst [1] - Drivers License [1] - Dweeb [3] Robin to Colin’s Batman Dyke [2] Lesbian (slang, probabaly offensive) Eclipse [1] - Edward [143] Dr Edward Upton, Ash’s father; gynaecologist; drives an Audi, practice at Tempest Health Eggs [1] - Ellen [1] - Ellen Mc Arthur [113] Emily’s Mom (officially named Ellen after fan poll May 2015) Emily [1625] Emily Mc Arthur, “Blues”; our other protagonist; drives a Nissan 240SX and a classic Mustang Emily MD [2] - Enrique Swan [1] fashion clothes designer Envelope [4] - Eponine [58] friend of Ash the girl Eponine Home [24] - Eve Wallace [1] An exploitative girlfriend of [James’s](#james] in his school days and cause of a race-duel with Ash.grossed me out” Bed [162] - Beer [2] - Bell [1] - Berkshire College [7] Community College in Pittsfield, MA Bidet [1] - Bikini [1] - Binary Background [1] - Bird [5] - Birthday Cake [5] - Blobs [2] floating background – opaque Bubbles?Blood [4] - Blue [2] - Blush [146] shows happiness / embarrassment / emotion Book [3] - Bookshop [2] - Booze [1] - Boston [6] US city Boston Logan [3] Boston Logan airport, identified by the twin pillar control tower Bowling Alley [1] - Boy A [2] fan of Fuller parties Boy B [1] - Boys Locker [1] school changing room for sports Bra [7] - Brain [1] - Breakfast [3] - Breakfast Anytime [7] ill-named diner (only open 5am-midnight) Brent [37] Brent Westcott, racer from Falmouth, at college in California with James; drives an M3, licence HNDA ETR Brent Car [3] see M3 Brent House [1] where Brent lives on Cape Cod Bronwyn [37] Aiden’s psychic girlfriend; lives opposite his (parent’s) home Bronwyn Home [7] across the road from Aiden Home Bubbles [62] happy floaty background Bull [4] - Bumper Sticker [1] - Bunny [1] - Bunny Suit [1] - Burger Barn [3] - Burglar [1] - Burt [22] Burt Clayton, car & parts sales Burts Yard [19] one place where Burt does business Butter Cream Icing [1] - CFS [25] Celestial Filing System (properly the ).Misfile by Chris Hazelton is a webcomic which updates every weekday (Mon-Fri).

It chronicles the story of Ash Upton and Emily Mc Arthur who, after a universal filing error in the Celestial Filing Depository, find that their lives are very different than they were the day prior.

Emily has become two years younger and Ash has swapped sexes completely, and is now a girl.

In order to change things back to the way they were, they must play along to ensure that Rumisiel (the angel who caused this mess in the first place!

) gets back into heaven before the bosses find out and make the changes permanent.

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