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Honestly, when was the last time you saw a man or woman in military uniform with a beer belly?

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I know the army readsa bit diff and army reads as long as I am not a soldier and at the same base and same chain of command.#CGAK150 #Arctic Shield #Alex Haley #Coast Guard #Small Boat #Training #USCGAn MH-65 helicopter crew deployed on the U. Coast Guard Cutter Alex Haley lands on cutter's deck during helicopter flight operations in the Chukchi Sea.The cutter and helicopter crews are deployed to the Arctic Ocean in support of Operation Arctic Shield 2017. A helicopter rescue crew from Air Station Savannah pulled eight men to safety. Coast Guard video captures an early morning rescue of bachelor partygoers after their boat ran aground on a sandbar near Capers Island, South Carolina.You may be ok, but under the UCMJ, the officer could be prosecuted for this.

Under UCMJ Art 134, Fraternization, it is illegal for an commissioned or warrant officer to have a personal relationship with an enlisted member.

#Coast Guard #Alaska #Air Station Kodiak #CGAK150 #Medevac Defense TV recently got underway with the Cutter Healy while deployed in the Arctic. Greg Tlapa, Healy's commanding officer, and experience the sights and sounds aboard an icebreaker. Partnerships with these and other Alaskan communities and agencies are critical to national security and sovereignty interests in the region.

Polar icebreakers like Healy are national assets that assure critical U. security and safety interests in the polar regions. #CGAK150 #Coast Guard #Arctic Crewmembers aboard the U. Coast Guard Cutter Alex Haley participated in damage control Olympics events while in the Arctic.

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It has nothing to do with morale, or my evals or eveything it talk about in it Understand.