Colton and skylar american idol dating

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Colton and skylar american idol dating

But Colton's voice wasn't the only musical performance of the night.

On the Wednesday, April 4 episode of "American Idol", Ryan Seacrest brought forward a dating speculation between Skylar Laine and Colton Dixon.

But there are a few celebs they would like to date if they had the chance — Hayley Williams and Tim Tebow, feel free to pick up a phone and call the “Idol” finalists. ” exclaims Laine when Zap2it asks her about the rumors the following week. That would be weird because they’re all our family! “Skylar and Colton have been dating ever since Hollywood Week,” he confesses with a sly smile.

Colton and Skylar are not dating.” “They’re just married,” Ledet chimes in. We mean that in the nicest way possible — it’s enjoyable to watch the reality show contestants interact on a genuine level and not just for TV cameras. “Skylar and I are NOT dating, and we’re not going to date. “However, after Ryan started the rumors — I don’t know why I thought it would be a good idea, because I think it’s what helps the rumors spin a little more — but we came offstage, we were doing our backstage interview, and she says ‘No, Colton and I are not dating.’ I remember looking at her like ‘We’re not?

"He ran up the stairs and was like 'My scalp is burning! I'm so ready to go blond.' And I think it turned out well. " On Thursday, April 5, the two young singers and other six contestants of "Idol" season 11 will face another elimination night, where one of them will be sent packing.

The Wanted and Kellie Pickler are tapped as the musical performers, while judge Jennifer Lopez will debut her "Dance Again" music video.

It was Skylar Laine who made the announcement in a post on Twitter, and she also commented that one of the players in Bryce Harper is “pretty darn cute.” – If you head over to Just Jared, you can see a rather fashionable Kelly filming the music for her third single “Dark Side.” Based on the success of “Mr.

Know-It-All” and “Stronger {What Doesn’t Kill You),” it’s possible that she could have yet another hit on her hands. News Now as regularly as he has been in the past.)In a new statement, NBCUniversal head Steve Burke had this to say about the deal:“We look forward to his continued role on E!

But before I do, let me offer my pithy, pithy thoughts on the evening’s festivities: Deandre Brackensick: De Barge’s “I Like It” A better fit for De Andre’s voice than any song he’s tackled this season, and his subsequent comfort level was palpable. American Idol Exclusive: Kris Allen Set to Perform on April 19 Results Show Elise Testone: Foreigner’s “I Want to Know What Love Is” I hate to agree with Randy, but she was just under the melody right from the start. bag of sugar on her shoulders (or was it just the pressure of suddenly becoming a serious contender)?

Skylar Laine & Colton Dixon: “Islands in the Stream” The judges raved and raved, which made me wonder if I was insane for thinking there wasn’t a single note in tune.

” moments from Skylar Laine and De Andre Brackensick, and a quartet of duets that were (mostly) superior to the solo performances.

Idology: Heejun Han on Asian Clichés, Cowboy Drama, Hilfiger-Gate and His One Idol Regret Anyhow, I’ve got to get crackin’ on a full episode recap, which will post on Thursday morning right here at

And Emma Watson, man, ever since I started watching ‘Harry Potter’ I was glued.

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