Complete idiot guide to dating

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WCG amplified traditional media results with an active and integrated social networking campaign that attracted new audiences. During a four-month campaign, the team generated more than 400 stories, including placements in PARADE Magazine and, and positioned the author as an authority on Mediterranean cuisine.

I mean, we’ve tried everything else, like throwing our pride to the side–at this point what do we have to lose by celebrating ourselves FIRST?The outcomes included thousands of placements and regular appearances for the author on CNN, The Washington Post, ABC News and Fox News.When supermodel and actress Roshumba Williams was looking to expand her expertise beyond the runway through her book, , WCG worked in tandem with her agent to promote this resource to the media.She says that because Black women are so devalued in the public eye—the media, etc., we become devalued personally, too.Thus, we don’t have as much romantic currency in North American society as, say, White women. Who can argue that Black women are constantly being low-rated in the media, and in rap songs played by trashy Negroes passing by in their 1965 beat-up Buicks that they put thousand-dollar rims on? My solution to the current Black-on-Black dating situation facing Black women is to encourage Sisters to stop worrying about Black men, and start tending to their own self-esteem.You go through a long dry spell and then out of nowhere there are three girls vying for your attention.

On Friday you’re hanging out with Mandy, and on Saturday, it’s Karen.” Because for the past, like, FOREVER, there has an concerted effort to convince Black women that we don’t have a right to think well of ourselves, especially when it comes to dating.The attitude is, “How dare Black women have self-esteem when the Black community is having such a hard time?It is indeed a pleasure to welcome you to my site here about my books and columns.I have been honored to have you read my work over the years, or to have been with me, listening to my radio shows like Love Phones -- or calling in on the show! What really matters to me is caring between people, and being "present" at every moment -- that makes you feel really alive and really connected to others -- and happy!I’ve already established that I am unabashedly uppity, and that I don’t think there’s anything wrong with smart, fabulous, and super-cute–in fact, I designed the Black Library Girl line of t-shirts to rep that fabulous status (that’s the t-shirt on the right). But I am reclaiming the phrase “uppity”–and trying to make it positive– because I’d like more Black women to be asserting their uppity.

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    Right after, you won't feel single any more, because you will be chatting, flirting and maybe even dating with single strangers.