Consolidating deliquent student loans

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By consolidating debt into one payment, the debt relief company will pay off your existing creditors, and you'll make just one payment each month.

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Though it may not be a realistic route for many defaulted student loan borrowers, repaying the loan could be one way to get the defaulted loan out of your hair and the negative marks off your credit report.

Though having student loans does not automatically disqualify you from being approved for an FHA loan, it will affect your application.

Knowing its impact ahead of time helps you narrow the range of homes you can afford.

Another option is to seek the help of a debt relief company.

Through a bill consolidation plan, the company will work with you to consolidate all debt into one payment every month.

If you're experiencing problems making your loans payments, please contact us.

Our representatives can help you by identifying options and solutions, so you can make the right decision for your situation.Delinquency occurs when you don't make your monthly federal or private loan payments on time.Your loan is considered delinquent when payment has not been made on the day it is due.Work only with trustworthy companies who have solid histories of getting consumers out of debt.By doing so, you're more likely to achieve success yourself.Main Menu Loan Customers Home Login & Overview Getting Started Types of Student Loans What to Consider Before Repayment Working with Navient Managing Your Account Online 5 Habits of Successful Borrowers Credit Reporting Money & Finance Money-Saving Tips for Life Budgeting Worksheets Path to Success Video Series Career Playbook Video Series Financial Tips Blog Repayment Plans Traditional Repayment Plans Direct Loan Consolidation Income-Driven Repayment Annual Renewal Plans Based on your Income Protect Yourself from Fraud How Payments Work Loan Payment Allocation Direct Loan Payments FFELP Loan Payments Private Loan Payments Payments Glossary Interest & Taxes How Student Loan Interest Works How to Calculate Your Interest Your 1098-E Tax Statement Federal Direct Student Loan 2017-2018 Interest Rates Postponing Payments If You're Having Trouble Deferment and Forbearance Avoiding Default For Military Personnel Servicemembers Civil Relief Act More Military Benefits Forms for Servicemembers Documents & Forms General Forms Deferment Forms Federal Loan Forgiveness, Cancellation, and Discharge Forbearance Forms Main Menu Schools Home Login & Overview Borrower Comm.

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