Cross references in word 2016 not updating

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On the other hand, if you don't want to update other items, you need to select your cross-references more carefully.Instead of selecting the entire document, select individual cross-references or a few paragraphs at a time to make sure you don't include items you want left alone.

During editing, however, the caption and note numbers can change, as can page numbering.By Peter Weverka Cross-references in longer Word 2016 documents are very handy indeed.They tell readers where to go to find more information about a topic.For example, I start with: 2.3 Process Item 2.4 Notify Client And a reference to "See step 2.4 Notify Client" Where 2.4 is a paragraph number cross reference and 'Notify Client' is a paragraph text cross reference.I then add a new item, so I've got: 2.3 Process Item 2.4 Check for Exceptions 2.5 Notify Client When I update I get: "See step 2.4 Check for Exceptions Notify Client As shown, the cross ref text is bolded as if it were now a heading, and it is showing the header titles for both 2.4 and 2.5.Word doesn't treat cross-references like equations in Excel: the program won't update them in real time, causing references that move to display incorrectly.

To update all the references in a file, select the whole document and use the Update Field option.

The article also introduces you to Doc Tools Cross Reference Manager – an advanced Word add-in that makes the work with cross-references much faster and easier and that can help you automatically repair and prevent cross-reference problems in the future.

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to reflect any changes you make, such as inserting new tables/figures/sections, or moving existing ones to other places in the document, or deleting some of them.

It’s actually very easy to do, so here’s how: Once you’ve updated the caption numbering and the x-refs, you may need to update the automated Table of Contents (TOC), List of Tables (LOT), and List of Figures (LOF) too.

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