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Matt belongs to a prominent wealthy family; his parents are socialite Victoria Hartley and business man and philanthropist Cal Hartley (who is currently the "silent" owner of Meade Publications). Matt has a MBA, half a law degree and nearly became a large animal vet.

Betty was annoyed at him at first (he follows her around through Fashion Week), after the two hit it off, it leads to indications that they could be more than just friends.Also, Betty either starts out, or end up, alone in this scene: I’m guessing “starts”, because she’s headed down the stairs in this pic. I know some of you (OK, most of you) are very against a Betty/Matt pairing, but, knowing the Ugly Betty writers, whatever they are setting up here is either a tease, or temporary.Plus, where does Amanda (and her designs on Matt) play into this?But then again, they don't seem to be Ferrera's style.I've changed my mind: I don't think Betty and Matt fight at all in this scene.In fact, that is still the case when Ferrera is fully in costume: And, here we see the offending yellow socks.

Something else that's interesting, in some of the photos, you see these blue and green shoes. I guess they did multiple takes, and will go with the look that focus-groups the best.

He was former sports writer who switched careers frequently, pursuing careers in law, medicine, music and painting.

He also has a brown belt in karate, an athlete in running long distances, and is fluent in three languages.

Interestingly, Betty is wearing classic post earrings, and the fact that I've noticed signifies a change from seasons 1-3.

Betty usually wore her hair straight down over her ears, and you could rarely see her earrings.

[Note: Some character bio details have been culled from the dialogue of various episodes, while othershave come from