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• Mercer Museum • Construction Dating Information, especially Hardware, Center for Historic Preservation, Middle Tennessee State University • Nail Chronologies for Historical Archaeologists, David Moyer, RPA, Iowa Office of the State Archaeologist• Cut Nails After 1800 • Hammer-Headed Cut Nails • Stamp-Headed Nails • Wrought-Iron Door Hinges • Cast-IRon Door Hinges • Quirked, Ovolo Door Panels • Machine-Made Door Panels • Door Latches with Straight Lifts • The Norfolk Latch • Blake's Cast-Iron Thumb Latch • Pointless Wood Screws • Sawed Laths • Conclusions The following observations are based upon notes taken upon the recent examination of about one hundred and twenty old houses in Bucks county and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, built in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, and it seems probable that the conclusions apply not only to old dwellings in Pennsylvania, but also to those in New York, New England, and the Southern states, where the same builders' material, carpenters' methods, tools and hardware were used during the period in question.

The wrought nail, no matter what its size, as generally used in house construction, is easily distinguished from the machine-made nails, called cut nails, above re-furred to, and described later.Amenities include TVs, two line phones with voicemail, and complimentary wireless, high-speed Internet access throughout the house and veranda.Guests can enjoy an expanded continental breakfast in the Café or outside on the stately Veranda.All the evidence examined establishes this fact, with the following exceptions; namely, that long after 1800, wrought nails, to stand the jar, and because they would clench, continued to be used in the facings of window shutters; in the battens of doors; in the overlap of boards (old style) in lathed room partitions: or on door latches, etc., until about 1850.But these exceptions are not typical of the nails used to build houses after 1800.Why are the city's oldest buildings in Brooklyn, and the "youngest" oldest ones in Manhattan?

Thanks to the fires in 1776, 1835, and 1845, the oldest parts of the city——like Lower Manhattan——didn't stand a chance. Manhattan was always "the city," and old buildings are anathema to the sort of urban center New York has always aspired to be.For centuries, the one hallmark of New York City has been constant change.Even back in 1839, ex-mayor Philip Hone lamented that "the spirit of pulling down and building up" had gripped the city.It was made from rectangular strips of malleable iron, several feet long, and about a quarter of an inch thick, called nail rods, which were furnished to the black-smith or nailer, who, holding one of them in one hand, heated its end in his forge, and then, on the anvil, pointed it with the hammer on all four sides.Next, he partly cut it, above the point, on the "hardy," with a hammer blow, and then, inserting the hot point into the swage hole, of his so-called 'heading tool,' he broke off the rod and hammered the projecting end so as to spread it around the top of the hole; after which, the cooling, shrunken nail was easily knocked out of the orifice.Other complimentary amenities include continental breakfast, daily newspaper, and use of nearby pool and health club.

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