Dating a fender bassman amp

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Dating a fender bassman amp - Video chat sex australia

(I’ve also included a few others brands you might encounter as aftermarket installations.) This should help you identify your speaker.

I am not an expert on amps, Fender amps, or Silverface Fender amps. I am merely someone that loves old gear, appreciates Silverface amps, loves to write, and loves history.

by Frank Stroupe ***WARNING-There are voltages inside of a tube guitar amp that can KILL you.

There are components in the amp that hold live current long after the amplifier is unplugged.

In addition to service work, Leo's Fender Radio Service store soon became a general electronics retail outlet.

However, the forerunner to the Fender Electric Instruments company was a smaller two-man operation that was originally started as the K&F company in 1945.

After high school, Leo Fender became a bookkeeper for employment while he still did radio repair at home.

After holding a series of jobs, Fender opened up a full scale radio repair shop in 1939.Fender has used only a handful of different speaker types over the years.Here’s a list of brands along with their EIA codes.The ability to date a Fender Bassman will often mean the difference between thousands of dollars when shopping for a vintage Bassman. manufactured the first Bassman in the early 50s, it has been replicated many times, making it hard to tell them apart.The only sure-fire way to date a Fender Bassman is by matching serial schemes.Our Buyer’s guide to vintage Fender amps explains in detail how you can date your amp by looking at serial numbers, tube charts, transformer codes, speaker codes, Fender logo, etc.

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