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Read More » Adjective: agricultural Pronunciation:(,ag-ru’kúl-chu-rul) Agricultural meaning: Relating to or used in or promoting agriculture or farming Relating to the cultivation of land; relating to farmland Synonyms: agrarian, farming Quotations: H. Read More » Noun: aide-de-camp Pronunciation:(‘eyd-du’kamp) Aide-de-camp meaning: (military) an officer who acts as military assistant to a more senior officer Synonyms: adjutant, aide Derived forms: aides-de-camp Quotations: Carol Wallace – But the strict rules of precedence produced …Read More » This content is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced on other websites,print media,internet and social networking websites without permission.

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Read More » Noun: agape love Agape love meaning: Selfless love of one person for another without sexual implications (especially love that is spiritual in nature) Synonyms: agape Derived forms: agape loves Quotations: Stephen Kendrick – There must … Read More » Noun: aide Pronunciation:(eyd) Aide meaning: Someone who acts as assistant Synonyms: auxiliary (military) an officer who acts as military assistant to a more senior officer Synonyms: aide-de-camp, adjutant Quotations: Quinn Loftis – A huge smile …It's like booking a display campaign only with mobile targeting options. With our Analytics Module you can make well-founded business decisions much faster than using reports and pivot tables – as data analysis usually is done.With only a few clicks you can correlate your network’s campaign parameters and revenue numbers and analyze your data on different levels.(4) RU486 is an artificial steroid that interferes with the action of progesterone, a hormone crucial to the early progress of pregnancy.(5) Progesterone stimulates the proliferation of the uterine lining which nourishes the developing child.Noun: arblast Pronunciation:(‘aa(r),blaast) Arblast meaning: An engine that provided medieval artillery used during sieges; a heavy war engine for hurling large stones and other missiles Synonyms: catapult, arbalest, arbalist, ballista, bricole, mangonel, onager, trebuchet, trebucket …