Dating australian banknotes

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The $10 has two raised circles on the front left of the banknote.

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The design of the banknote is centred around two famous Australian writers; Dame Mary Gilmore and AB ‘Banjo’ Paterson.The newly updated note was released late last year.The update comes as Australia hopes to renew protection efforts against counterfeiting as criminals fast hone their skills.Did you know that all existing banknotes no matter their age (yes, even the old paper ones) are valid currency?While the RBA don’t suggest you take them to your local supermarket to use, they can be exchanged for new currency at any bank. This note will be released into circulation towards the end of next year.We can trace the provenance of your collection back to over 20 years.

This offers you the peace of mind of knowing when you purchased your portfolio; your banknotes/coins were not overvalued, or over graded? Australian Notes Pty Ltd trading as au has assisted many clients, since 2010 to gain a true value of their collection, based on current market prices, and prices paid at the time of purchase.If you feel the necessity you should consult a recognised Australian dealer such as au. We highly recommend this to you in addition to seeking the advice from your personal accountant or a trustworthy financial planner.We at au offer a full range of services to our clients that include all aspects on Australian/International Numismatics investment including banknotes, coins, antiquities and memorabilia.Bank notes circulated in all States except Queensland, but were not legal tender except for a brief period in 1893 in New South Wales.There were, however, some restrictions on their issue or other provisions for the protection of the public.In 1920 control of the note issue was transferred from the Treasury to the Commonwealth Bank.