Dating democrats

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Dating democrats

So it’s always interesting to see where the political allegiance of our country’s most recognizable stars lie.We’ve done our research and compiled a list of 45 famous Democrats and Republicans, including those who have flip-flopped over the years.

It’s no secret that celebrities have a huge impact on just about every facet of our culture, politics included, thanks to the fact that money and fame are powerful tools with which to bring attention to a particular candidate.However, the fire of 1805 destroyed the town and effectively eliminated the government.Governor William Hull and Judge Augustus Woodward dissolved the original incorporation, replacing it in 1806 with a government headed by an appointed mayor.Take a look and let us know: Do any of these surprise you?George Clooney is a lifelong Democrat and was a prominent supporter of President Obama during the 20 campaigns.Polls show that Congress is less popular than dog poop, toenail fungus, hemorrhoids, cockroaches, lice, root canals, colonoscopies, traffic jams, used car salesmen, Genghis Khan, Communism, North Korea, BP during the Gulf Oil Spill, Nixon during Watergate or King George during the American Revolution.

60% of Americans want to throw all of the bums in Congress – Eighteen percent of Americans are satisfied with the way the nation is being governed, down 14 percentage points from the 32% recorded last month before the partial government shutdown began.

But they've been unable to find out, because Democrats somehow keep failing to beat them.

There is now a sizable list of election results involving Republican candidates who survived seemingly unsurvivable scandals to win higher office.

He's also been vocal about his support for the party.

Said Clooney on ABC News Now's in 2011: “I’m disillusioned by the people who are disillusioned by Obama …

The lesson in almost all of these instances seems to be that enormous numbers of voters would rather elect an openly corrupt or mentally deranged Republican than vote for a Democrat.