Dating disston

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Caution: The dates proposed in this study are only estimated dates.It is important to understand that there is no documentation of any kind that support these dates.

ALL CATALOGS HERE ARE HOSTED WITH THE PERMISSION OF ROSE TOOLS. following No.7 Panel Saw was owned by my late father.It has the H DISSTON & SONS medallion & etch that allows me to date this saws production to circa 1900 -1917.I’ll make the #120 a 22-inch saw based on the amount of blade remaining.Rose Tools put an extraordinary amount of time and effort into scanning the catalogs amassed here.regards Stewie; It looks like the one on my bench except your tote was and is in much better shape. Look forward to viewing your new saw handle when its completed.

Not sure what the story is with the missing nib on my fathers handsaw.

A big thanks goes out to Mark Stansbury of Foley Filer.for doing the heavy work in saving these catalogs, and to Donna Rose for making the scans available.

With the inclusion of the English pattern traditional lambs tongue within its shape my personal preference does favor the No.7 handsaw over that found within the Disston's D7 series handsaws.

I find that dating the manufacture of a saw is best done by studying a sizable collection of saws produced by a single maker.

This information can not be based on hard facts, especially for early saws, because, to my knowledge there are none. "PHILADELPHIA" - a complete spelling and only time I have seen it, is under the HENRY DISSTON arch. The chamfer is still heavy but the stop at the hook is very plain.

The following compares the difference in the cut of the saw plate within the saw handle of this 1900-1917 circa Panel Saw to that of a D8 Panel Saw of a later 1917-1928 circa. Two cracks had been repaired with brads, but the plate, back and all the brass parts are in good shape. He dates his at Circa 1848, but looking at the medallion, I would prefer to date it a later Circa 1896 - 1917.