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AHC Rosh Hashanah Content goes here The AHC Rosh Hashanah booklet, a work in progress, was initially put together for the celebration of Rosh Hashanah, in the Light of Christ, by members of the Saint Edith Stein Havurah in Saint Louis, Missouri.

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Again, Matthew is key to understanding Christ’s intent to pass on the authority to lead the Church to Peter and the apostles.The Bible and Tradition come from the same Apostolic "Deposit," and Catholics do not pit them against each other.Thus the Church understands that the Bible must be interpreted, and the Church does so using the Tradition of the Apostles.Read More Six Day War Project Historical Timeline – Looking Back 50 Years Ago May 13, 1967 – Military Provocation and Terrorism To see all videos of this series, with accompanying text and educator’s questions, go to Read More → The Hebrew Catholic #101, Spring 2017 The Hebrew Catholic, #101, Spring 2017, has been published. Eugene Kevane – In Memoriam by Elias Friedman, OCD Stories From the Diaspora The Bride, One Woman’s...Read our online version by clicking Here If you have not received this publication, you are welcome to request a sample copy of this issue, at no cost or obligation by clicking Here. In this section you will find many valuable resources explaining the Catholic Church’s teachings on matters of ethics and morality.

The Catholic Church is the only church today that can claim to be the one church founded by Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago.

Also, check out our Catholic Essays and Articles, for information on specific topics.

For more information, please consult the Catechism of the Catholic Church (online version here), which provides official Church Teaching.

Catholics believe that worship is due to God alone. In other words, we honor our Blessed Mother with great reverence and devotion because she is the Mother of God.

This section contains an overview of basic Catholicism.

Every belief is obviously not included; the Catholic Faith is more rich and developed than what can be listed here.