Dating guitar amp transformers

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Dating guitar amp transformers - great dating website names

Again, it's important to be sure the parts are original on the music equipment to get a valid date for the amp.Many tube amplifiers will have a tube chart within the amp itself.

Then from this exhaustive search you get to pick the one or two that have THE sound.When hot, the filament releases electrons into the vacuum: a process called thermionic emission. Founded by Mark Sampson and Rick Perrotta in California in 1989..headtopmessage .minicart-container-weapper .minicart-over-btn .minicart-container-weapper .minicart-top .minicart-title .minicart-container-weapper .subtotal-in-your-cart-wrapper, .minicart-container-weapper .subtotal-line .left-nav-content .Guitar amplifier dating by serial numbers - How To Date A Guitar Amp or Bass Amp By Serial Number.S.) and high power RF transmitters, as a display device in television sets and in microwave ovens.

Vacuum tubes, or thermionic valves, are arrangements of electrodes in a vacuum within an insulating, temperature-resistant envelope.Their design and build quality was a rarity, even for back then.And, like all well-made transformers from great designs, the original transformers are built and specifically optimized for today's amps and today's tubes.My folks have just left on a holiday in New York, I was wondering if anyone knows of any suppliers of Hammond or other brands of tube transformers? also remember that any American power transformer will run at a different voltage than in the US .... The primary has 3 wires 0-220-240 Vac The Secondary has a bunch....Preferably somewhere they could go in and pick them up off the shelf rather than have to order them, as they won't be there very long. I believe austrailia does 230v and they use 120v in the US ....... I'm working on a deal and should have in stock next week and have a sample pair in my warehouse; Chuang Meei 220/240V Power Transformer 45th week of 2009 D/C Chuang Meei 6L6 - 4500 Ohm - 50 Watt Output transformer same date code. Could you give me some more details of the power transformers? 396V 263V 0 70V 263V 396V 20V 0 20V 6.3V 0 Yes, your parents can stop by and pick up, I'm in Torrance, California If there going to be here. On most tubes, the leads are designed to plug into a tube socket for easy replacement.

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