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To prove it, the parents brought their son, Hank Baskett Jr, to Disneyland and acted as if they didn’t have a care in the world.”‘s source says she is asking her friends to help her find people to date, even though she is still married, and the couple have two young children together — something that may backfire on her if she ends up divorcing Hank, and WEtv decides there isn’t a strong enough storyline to continue the series., and it’s understandable that Kendra probably wants to keep the cash rolling in and hopes that the show will continue for another season.

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“We’re great,” Wilkinson told Celebuzz at WE tv’s celebration of at Estrella in Los Angeles on Thursday (Mar. “We’re getting back to a really fun and crazy show.

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett are are better than ever.

Despite having their marriage tested in 2014 when Wilkinson, 30, found out Baskett, 33, had an affair with a transgender model while she was pregnant with their second child, things between the parents couldn’t be any stronger these days.

Ever since Hank’s alleged affair with transsexual model, Ava Sabrina London, was exposed last summer, things have not been the same for the couple.

Although Baskett has stated that nothing happened between the two, “The couple is doing their best to appear as if everything is okay on the surface.

PM PST -- TMZ spoke with London's alleged attacker Blake Tinsley who tells us he never touched the mistress and the whole thing started when she smacked him in the face with her hair while walking by ...

Blake says it was a friend of his who stood up for him and the two traded blows.We have the full report along with details of their married life!Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett first met in 2008 at Playboy golfing event, the model revealed it was love at first sight for her.In Philadelphia Eagles, he played 48 games and made total 72 receptions, and 112 targets.In 2009, he signed with Indianapolis Colts where he played altogether 12 games and made receptions of five.During his career in his University, he received the "Resse Leroy Hill Memorial Award" as the team’s Offensive Player, All-Mountain West Conference honors as a senior, nine touchdowns and posting 67 receptions for 1,071 yards.