Dating historic houses

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The original Byzantine icon of the XVI century is preserved in the Museo delle Icone (Icon Museum), in the beautiful monumental complex of the Greek School and Church, a short distance from Hotel Palazzo Priuli.One of Charleston's most exquisite antebellum structures, the Joseph Manigault House, built in 1803, reflects the urban lifestyle of a wealthy, rice-planting family and the enslaved African Americans who lived there.

The man down the street remembers when your house was being built in 1952.Even fisherman get better results through observation.Architectural sleuthing also goes better with active observation skills.Detectives look at everything, every piece, before forming theories about how they fit together.Artists practice careful observation as they draw and compose.Following Henrietta’s death, he married Charlotte Drayton, with whom he had eight children.

The Charleston Museum purchased the house in 1933, and has preserved and interpreted it ever since.In the Museum’s Armory, see excellent examples of historic weaponry, dating from 1750 to the twentieth century, with uses that ranged from military to more personal applications such as hunting and dueling.Many historic houses in Virginia are notable sites. As one of the earliest locations of European settlement in America, Virginia has some of the oldest buildings in the nation.But one look at the kitchen, and you know they're both wrong.Unless you have personally witnessed the construction, your house could be any age. To make sense of it all and verify your instincts, you need to be an architecture sleuth. The first "private eye" skill to hone is your power of observation.That simple story and a half cottage is believed to have been built by William Merchant who arrived in Ipswich with John Winthrop and the first settlers.