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He was originally stopped by Mc Allen police on an unrelated manner. If convicted of the capital charge, Ortiz faces up to life in prison.

Ortiz was in fact on his way out of the country because a day earlier Mc Allen police transferred him into the custody of the Border Patrol after determining the Honduran national was in the country illegally, officials said. Ortiz remains in the county jail on a million bond.

Heydi revealed how she was subjected to an agonising ordeal in which she lost both her feet, yet is actually one of the lucky ones - as few women attacked in the crime-riddled country live to tell the tale.

Heydi, pictured with Stacey, has lost both her feet and is determined for her husband to be brought to justice but his charges have been reduced to GBH, which could mean as little as two years in prison Recalling her ordeal at the hands of her husband, which was witnessed by her two daughters, Heydi said: 'I had gone to visit my dad and when I got home my husband said he was tired of being with me.

This week, The Telegraph witnessed the scale of the problems at first hand after accompanying one of the new military patrols through some of the toughest slums of the capital, Tegucigalpa, a sprawling jumble of neighbourhoods that stretches across a bowl-shaped valley.

I walked down the cereal aisle in the grocery store, determined to finish my shopping list.

Such gender roles dictate that men dominate the public sphere, while women are supposed to conform and adhere to the realm of the domestic sphere.

Subsequently, women are not allowed to participate in traditional male positions in society; the male is expected to be the head of the household and the main provider.

As I skimmed my eyes across the rows of boxes, I landed on what I was looking for: a jumbo box of Rice Krispies. I turned around and saw a handsome black man waiting patiently, with a cart full of groceries and a warm smile that briefly invigorated my tired spirit after a long day of work. This encounter was nothing unusual; I frequently have similar encounters with strangers at the grocery store.

He was wearing a professional outfit, leather dress shoes and a brown wool houndstooth coat with the collar popped. However, as I strolled past this man’s cart full of baby wipes, pullup diapers, fresh fruit and his own box of Rice Krispies, I felt an immense amount of guilt.

These changes have been positive overall, bringing more gender equality in Honduras and much higher quality of life for everyone, especially women.

Even with the improvements, there is still a long way to go in shrinking the gender gap that by the world's standards is very high.

This also gives men the right to make important decisions over women such as when they may procreate, how many children women may have, when and how many daily chores shall be done, if they may receive education, and whether or not they may enter the workforce.

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