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Some people in town have trouble taking Adelstein seriously. Adelstein does little to dismiss such rumors, apart from maintaining an image so flamboyant that it would shame any actual agency man.They dismiss him as a crank, a paranoid foreigner who talks obsessively about death threats from the gangsters known as yakuza. He’s in his early forties, and he wears a trenchcoat and a porkpie hat, and he chain-smokes clove cigarettes from Indonesia.

Most geisha pay the bills by escorting business moguls to events, which can cost thousands of dollars. But geisha also perform song and dance routines at traditional teahouses, and this is where Kyoto Sights and Nights steps in.

", a geisha plays the role of your ultimate dream girl.

(Unless, of course, your ultimate dream girl performs card tricks.) When you ask, she's there; she's delicate, demure, charming, stylized, graceful, and maybe a little bawdy.

He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media.

South Korean media reports said the CIA chief arrived in South Korea over the weekend for meetings with the head of South Korea's National Intelligence Service and high-level officials in the presidential office.

Mr Trump sent the USS Carl Vinson toward the region, and the US and South Korea also started installing a missile defence system that is supposed to be partially operational within days.

In Australia, Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull used a commemoration of a Second World War naval battle to warn North Korea against military threat.

She sings (for you), dances (for you), dresses (for you), calls attention (to you), and makes sure everybody in the room knows Upping your status is a national obsession in the Land of the Rising Sun, and geisha are the ultimate image doctors.

Get one on your arm, and you're everything a man should be.

Adelstein says he needs a car and a nine-fingered driver in order to avoid the subway, where a hit man might shove him in front of a train. Each year, approximately one murder is committed for every two hundred thousand people.

This is among the lowest rates in the world, on a par with Iceland and Switzerland; the odds of being murdered in the United States are ten times higher.

In Japan, it’s a crime to own a gun, another crime to own a bullet, and a third crime to pull the trigger: three charges before you even think about a target.