Dating midlife blogs

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Dating midlife blogs

A one-night stand may be spontaneous, but it could easily lead to undesirable long-lasting consequences.Likewise, if you or your partner in a relationship don’t fully know each other’s sexual history before engaging in intercourse, there could be some horrific news to be broken in the future.

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— Every year in the United States, more than 20 million new sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are reported, half of which occur in young people between the ages of 15 and 24.

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They usually are laughed at by their peers because they make themselves look silly by acting a much younger version than they actually are.” (Urban Dictionary) The idea of reaching middle age isn’t one that has ever really concerned me and turning 40 didn’t bring with it a raging storm of fear and regret. In my case circumstances have forced upon me such reflections as major life events of depression and divorce mean that the option of continuing what was a comfortable pattern of life is no longer on the table.

What it did bring was a sense of the surreal: saying out loud that I was 40 didn’t connect with my idea of who I was, bringing to mind as it did images of my Dad at his 40th birthday party and the realisation that I was now that old (but, thankfully, without the ‘tache). And in my defence I would say that it is fundamentally necessary to live life more fully, to explore options and opportunities that would never have presented themselves had my journey continued on its former path. Because when faced with life’s hardships and pitfalls, the trials that have shaped me, it was that was asked the questions and only me that could answer the challenges.

Midlife crises are inevitably seen as somewhat tragic, sad, desperate and futile, but as we approach middle-age it is natural to consider where we are in our lives and to question whether we have made the right choices, whether it really is all downhill from here and whether the best days of our lives can really still be ahead of us. And I suggest that this transitional period of life, this conscious effort to shape the years to come to ensure that we will not look back on our lives with regret, can be seen not as a midlife crisis but rather a midlife chrysalis.

These thoughts are compounded by the fact that we no longer have the freedom we once had to shape the direction of our lives, as responsibilities have encroached on the freedom of our spirit and the decisions we made in our 30s – career, mortgage, marriage, children – seem to have encased our future in a predictable mold.

Her practical, proven methods help clients attract quality men and she radically simplifies understanding men to minimize confusion and frustration.

With the key to midlife dating she is the author of five books that have received high praise and has been in the media often.

Yes, on the face of it I’m aware that an accusing finger may be pointed in my direction.

Certainly, a look at the definition of the term may embolden the prosecution’s case: “When a person (more commonly a man than a woman) begins to question their purpose and direction in life and oftentimes begins to regress back to their teenage years in the way they think and act.

My radio guest, attorney Le Tonya Moore, is a family advocate who seeks to help single fathers find their voice—in and out of the courtroom.

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