Dating seth thomas antique clocks

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Most of the tooling for the watch factory was built using the production facilities of the Seth Thomas clock factory.

They also added a line of tall-case clocks in the 1880’s The Seth Thomas Clock Company was very prosperous into the 20th century and was considered to be one of the premiere American clock manufactures, even by their competitors.No manufacturing is underway, however an entire line of Seth Thomas Clocks is now available made by another clock builder for CST under the Seth Thomas brand.In the early 1860s , the Seth Thomas clock company began production of the number 2 regulator.Seth Thomas Clock Company was later owned by the Colibri Group.The company ceased operations on January 16, 2009, and went into receivership, but returned to business as of May 4, 2009, under the ownership of CST Enterprises in Cranston, Rhode Island.After Thomas’ death in 1859, his son Aaron became President and began to add new products to a conservative line.

About 1862, the firm purchased the patent rights of Wait T.

This one is in remarkable condition, and is ready for display in the home or use at sea.....a great looking collector's clock with exceptional appeal that will RECESSED SECONDS DIAL : The placement of the seconds bit in a recessed dial with a separate bezel below the XII position is a unique feature which was discontinued with this model and others similar to it. Note the early "ST" logo just below the center hands arbor with the Seth Thomas name in Old English print beneath it. ACCURACY: The movement appears to be in good mechanical condition and has a regular and loud tick tock beat. Seth Thomas clocks could be found in vessels ranging from the most luxurious yachts to battleships!

It keeps good time for three days and then begins to run slightly slow. A Seth Thomas clock was recovered from the wreck of the USS MAINE and presented to Franklin Delano Roosevelt when he was Secretary of the Navy.

Huntington and Harvey Platts of Ithaca, New York and added three models to their line that year.

The earliest of the clocks indicate only three patent dates on the dials, September 19, 1854, November 17, 1857 and January 31, 1860.

the number 2 model was produced, with very few changes, until 1950 and thus is probably the longest produced single model in clock manufacturing history.

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