Dating vintage patterns

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although thankfully in the later years most companies did decide on printing the year on the envelope.

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Some placed the dates on the envelopes, some placed the dates on the instruction sheets & others didn't date the patterns at all.

Printed patterns (pattern pieces with printed edges) were more expensive than unprinted patterns.

(With unprinted patterns you match notches and cutouts together).

The first overlock machine (serger) was patented by the Merrow Machine Company in 1889.

Some still call all overlock stitches “merrow,” but only a 2- and 3-thread overlock is actually a merrow stitch.

In the beginning of Home Patterns, the bust measurement is often the only measurement given.

By the 1940s patterns gave bust and hip measurements but often the waist was not given (due to the fact that the sewist could change that element). In 1956 sizing changed and a Size 12 was for a 32 inch bust.

You must consider the general silhouette of the clothing along with other factors such as hair, price, sizing and envelope style and logo placement you can get pretty close to the issue or copyright date.

Please be aware that even if a pattern is dated, it could have been in production for years and could even be a re-release of a previous number. For instance it is very difficult to tell a 1938 pattern from a 1941 pattern. The same thing applies for 1959-1961 and again in the 60s and 70's.

It is easy to find a printed date on a vintage pattern to determine the date.

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In some cases this can add to it's charm and it can become "shabby chic", but if your looking for just "chic" then be prepared to shell out some cash or if your handy with the sewing machine (why, yes, I am!