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Dating with brooks dun - updating great plains

Given well-established post-glacial changes in sea levels, the outcrop was clearly once an island in Crinan Bay; however, it is not known whether the stronghold was first constructed on an island or later, when falling sea-levels had already abandoned the outcrop above the shoreline.

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To validate uplift data, relative sea-level changes were compared against historical records for Dumbarton Rock. [Back] Shennan, Ian, Sarah Bradley, Glenn Milne, Anthony Brooks, Sophie Bassett, and Sarah Hamilton. "Relative Sea-Level Changes, Glacial Isostatic Modelling and Ice-Sheet Reconstructions from the British Isles Since the Last Glacial Maximum." Journal of Quaternary Science 5–599.

These records (i) provide independent validation of the model for local post-glacial uplift and (ii) demonstrate that the first fortifications at this second site, in or before the sixth century, were also constructed when the outcrop was an island. [Back] Shennan, Ian, Sarah Hamilton, Caroline Hillier, Amanda Hunter, Ruth Woodall, Sarah Bradley, Glenn Milne, Anthony Brooks, and Sophie Bassett. "Relative Sea-Level Observations in Western Scotland Since the Last Glacial Maximum for Testing Models of Glacial Isostatic Land Movements and Ice-Sheet Reconstructions." Journal of Quaternary Science 1–613.

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Abstract: Dun Add, an important center of the Dalriadic Scots, was established on a rocky outcrop that now protrudes from the land-locked flats of Crinan Moss, an unlikely situation for a defensive fortification.

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