Dating wurlitzer electric piano

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In 1955, Wurlitzer introduced their sensational new electronic piano that had no strings or sound board, yet provided a natural piano tone through the means of an entirely electronic mechanism.Wurlitzer piano lines are manufactured under the names Apollo, De Kalb, Julius Bauer, Melville Clark, Student Butterfly Clavichord, Farney, Kingston, Kurtzmann, Merriam, Schaff Bros. Because of their identical cosmetic design, it is common for people to mistake a 200 for a 200A and vise versa.When the 200 was first introduced in 1968 its amplifier was an early transistor circuit with a straightforward design.Over the next four years, the amplifier would be redesigned a few times with a couple of minor improvements that marginally improved both the power amp and the clarity of the preamp.Human beings have an amazing ability to express love which can form itself in many different ways.

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There were a few color options that were only available on the 200 (red, forest green, and beige) that were not available on the 200A.

Another distinguishing cosmetic note is that the Wurlitzer emblem on the back of the keyboard from the player was only on the last few years of the 200A.

Through science, research, and ingenuity, Wurlitzer has created exclusive features such as Tonecrafted Hammers, the Pentagonal Sound Board, the Augmented Sound Board, and many others to provide a greater volume of rich, resonant tones for their instrument.

Another unique achievement of Wurlitzer is their "Wurl-on" finish which is highly resistant to heat, cold, dryness, and moisture...

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