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One minute you're high on the warmth of their attention, the next minute you're frozen out and left wondering what happened. Whether you call it push/pull, on/off, or hot and cold, the end result is the same. Whether done consciously or unconsciously, this type of behavior activates longing and pursuit. If we don't understand the game of hot and cold, we can find ourselves pulled into a drama of confusion. Understanding this type of behavior is crucial even for those of you committed to not playing games.

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Dear Emma, by Katie Heaney Harriet is great at telling others what to do, dispensing wisdom for the lovelorn and lonely on her Midwestern campus.So when she gets an anonymous letter for her ‘Dear Emma’ column and it turns out to be Remy waffling over what to do about relationship problems with Keith, Harriet has to decide if she can be objective.She has the power to push Remy into either breaking up with Keith or to give him a chance to explain himself.Plus it has one of those just-right endings that will have you clutching the book to your chest when you finish."— Caroline Zancan, author of Local Girls"Katie Heaney's delightful new Austen-inspired rom-com is a hilarious examination of the pros and cons of internet sleuthing and the merits of advice.Moira Weigel explains how the changing nature of work has reshaped the way we meet, date, and fall in love. But through much of the 20th century, those are both sort of tried and true ways to meet a long-term partner that many people happened to experience. It seems natural that one of the most likely places where you’re going to meet someone is in the office, or through coworkers, because that just takes up such a big part of your life.Now Harriet has the perfect opportunity to take revenge on the person who broke her heart.

But as she begins to doubt her own motivations and presumably faultless guidance, she's forced to question how much she really knows about love, friendship and well-meaning advice.

Harriet, the author of her college newspaper's pseudonymous student advice column "Dear Emma," is great at telling others what to do, dispensing wisdom for the lovelorn and lonely on her Midwestern campus.

Somehow, though, she can't take her own advice, especially after Keith, the guy she's dating, blows her off completely.

Keith just stopped texting and communicating with Harriet which is honestly driving her a bit nuts.

As a ‘semi-professional’ advice columnist for the college newspaper, she should probably know how to To add to the issue, she finds out that senior Remy, a fellow library aide with whom she has a budding friendship, has been seeing Keith since he stopped talking/texting Harriet.

She’s the author of “Labor of Love: The Invention of Dating” and is completing a Ph. But I was very surprised to learn, perhaps more than I should have been, that this was not always how it used to be.

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    I have done a variety of jobs: I'm definitely not a 9-5 girl. Love life as much as I do and appreciate it by living it to the fullest.