Debt consolidation dating debt

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Not long after his tenure as CEO of i Heart Media began in 2011, Bob Pittman ordered a complete re-imagination of the New York headquarters.He hired a designer he met at counterculture event Burning Man who brought in architects, acoustical engineers, and lighting consultants. The team transformed three floors of a Midtown high-rise into a Kubrickian spaceship, with modular fiberglass pods, exposed ducts, laser displays, and a long, white tunnel with video images projected on streams of mist.

He also poured resources into concerts and the streaming business.

Our money problem wasn’t an income problem, it was a spending problem.

We made enough money, but we were far from careful with it. I was furious because I was scared and the difference in our bill seemed like the end of the world.

I’m not just talking about getting rid of cable or cutting our take-out pizza habit.

I’m talking about the things most people don’t pay attention to.

It should come as no surprise that if you’ve fallen behind on your bills, you may be hearing from debt collectors.

If they do call, you will almost certainly hear that you need to pay them and that you need to do so immediately.

Employees were not to eat at their desks, nor were they allowed to have plants or display family photos.

The instructions met with some eye-rolling, but the emphasis on appearance was typical for Pittman, a marketing genius hired to bring a “new media” makeover to the nation’s largest radio conglomerate.

Yet in its 2011 Annual Report to Congress about Fair Debt Collection Practices Act complaints, the Federal Trade Commission noted that in 2010 it received 17,008 complaints related to debt collection calls to consumers at work, up from 11,991 complaints the year before.

“By continuing to contact consumers at work under these circumstances, debt collectors may put them in jeopardy of losing their jobs,” notes the FTC.

He elaborated: “When a collector says, ‘We are going to inform your creditor that you are refusing to pay this bill! Your creditor has already figured out that you aren’t paying the bill, or they would not have sent your account to a collection agency in the first place! The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is very clear on this point.

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