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Josh Gates was born on the 10th August 1977, in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts USA, and is a television producer, presenter, author, and explorer, best known for his work as a and co-executive producer as well as a host of “Destination Truth” (2007-2012), and is currently on a Travel Channel where he hosts the TV series “Expedition Unknown” (2015- ).

A globe-trekking reality show that follows Josh Gates around the world as he explores different sites of supernatural import.

BTR "Today's Pick" on September 8th 2010, March 10th 2011, July 11th 2011, July 30th 2012 and March 27th 2013.

Home of Destination Truth Fan Radio & Ke$ha Fan Radio.

Here is what's going on this week: Josh Gates was the grand marshal of the Roswell 70th anniversary parade, as well as generally taking part in the Welcome Destination Truth Fans!

I hope you enjoy my special, and consider this a New Years present from me to all of you!

This dark forest is very disorientating and feed on our darkest fears.

Deep in the back woods of Transylvania, stories of bright lights tower skyward from the forest at night are seen by many of the locals.

Josh’s career as a host started in 2007, in the Sy Fy (formerly the Sci-Fi Channel) television show named “Destination Truth”.

The series was popular, the highest-rated of all Sy Fy programs.

A couple of research teams that went into the forest were spooked with some of their pictures that had ghost-like human figures in them.

They saw nothing with the naked eye while walking around in there.

On this 3rd season, Josh Gates has a bigger role besides host and that is of producer. Along with the first-hand duties, he has a new team going with him on all the new destinations.

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