Doctor dating patient

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Doctor dating patient

As a profession, let's at least be logically consistent in our positions." "What about caring for a person with whom you have had a relationship in the past? "How about the conflict with having to care for someone (in the ER after hours, as an example) with whom you have/had a relationship or conflict?

Sexual or romantic relationships between a physician and a former patient may be unduly influenced by the previous physician-patient relationship.

But why do the GMC and the media take such an interest in a relationship between two apparently consenting adults?

The answer lies in the unique nature of the doctor-patient relationship and the power imbalance in that relationship.

That's down from Medscape's 2010 Ethics Survey, in which 83% of the respondents took that position.

While only 1% of doctors in both surveys felt that sex with a current patient was permissible, only 12% of participants in our 2010 survey believed that it was okay to date a former patient; in our most recent survey, over one fifth of the respondents (22%) felt that this was no longer taboo.

Trust is therefore essential: the GMC describes it as the foundation of the doctor-patient partnership.

“Patients should be able to trust that their doctor will behave professionally towards them during consultations and not see them as a potential sexual partner,” it says.This patient was treated very recently and could be emotionally vulnerable because of her young age and her bereavement.The GMC also say that doctors should take action if a colleague is acting in a way that puts patients at risk.You know that doctors shouldn't date patients so you challenged your friend, worried that he could get into trouble.He reassured you that she made the first move by sending him a friend request on Facebook.Our contemporary attitude toward such encounters is to label them, categorically, as "unprofessional conduct." Given that there is no surveillance of this behavior, physician-patient sex comes to the attention of regulatory agencies only when the patient complains. The nominal standard establishes a rule of "no overlap": a physician-patient relationship must not coexist with a romantic-sexual relationship.