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In our view it's simple: businesses contribute to individuals, who contribute to their communities, who contribute to local businesses, who contribute to the national economy.

In 2015 we delivered 551,937 brand new, essential items to 281,677 vulnerable people, saving 2,839 tonnes of CO2e emissions from landfill.The project entails demolition of existing buildings to make way for new buildings and improved sports facilities.Furniture from the existing buildings would have become part of the demolition rubble.We call it a karmic circle, mainly because we can't think of what else to call it.Prince Charles may have just given us a more suitable title: "A Vision of Circular Economy".Port Talbot and Teeside, where much of the industry is based, are no stranger to hardship and poverty.

In some wards of Teeside child poverty is at 61% - that's two thirds of the child population in those areas.

The Facilities Show is the largest gathering of facilities management professionals, and provides a forum for the industry to keep up to date with the latest issues and challenges in their industry.

Which is perfect for us as we source most of the goods for distribution to our charity partners from the wonderful facilities managers we work with up and down the country.

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Frontier have completed their analysis and prepared a report.