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As the determined activist Emma, Mc Donald’s character dealt with a wealth of issues, including anorexia, bulimia and even an STD.

Imogen says she tripped over some loose cords, therefore breaking the computer, and Ms. Later that day, Imogen is walking out of the nurse's office towards her locker when Eli approaches her and asks about her nose.

Gotta love ‘Degrassi.’ Now: During her time on ‘Degrassi,’ Mc Donald also starred in the Lifetime movie ‘She’s Too Young,’ playing a promiscuous teen who contracts syphillis.

Since ‘Degrassi,’ Mc Donald has acted sporadically, with occasional roles on ‘Lost Girl’ and ‘Orphan Black.’ She has since become a yoga instructor and has a series of instructional yoga vids on You Tube. ) Mc Donald has also stayed close with her ‘Degrassi’ besties, frequently tweeting them and Instagramming pictures of her and Cassie Steele (Manny). Then: As Emma’s BFF, Cassie Steele’s Manny underwent quite the transformation throughout her time on ‘Degrassi,’ going from an innocent young girl to becoming pregnant with Craig’s baby (and ultimately choosing abortion) to dating Jay and becoming an actress in ‘Degrassi Goes Hollywood.’ And how could we forget the time she flashed Peter’s camera and drunkenly told the world she was going to be famous?

Imogen introduces herself to Eli, and then asks about the medication he's taking.

He says it's only anti-anxiety medication and she replies that his meds may the reason he's unable to focus.

She has an on and off again relationship with Eli Goldsworthy.

At the end of Season 13, she learned that she's pregnant. But she doesn't notice him holding the gun in his bag.Both decide to become official, after their feelings become too much to just be casual, although they hit a snag as their parents announce they are also dating. Jake ends up breaking up with Clare at prom, wanting his dad to be happy.Clare and Jake continued dating in secret, with little to no issue, but it all changes when their parents, Glen and Helen announce they are getting married. After seeing Clare again at his father's wedding, Jake confesses he still loves Clare, although she wants nothing to do with him after he hurt her.She is more lenient in her beliefs than her sister, and can sometimes break rules when she feels the ends justify the means.She can be a drama queen, getting upset when things do go her way.When Clare and Jake were children, the two weren't necessarily close.

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    The sheriff's race between appointed Sheriff Charles Reader, a Democrat, and his Republican opponent, Delbert Slusher, easily garnered the title less than a month ago when somebody distributed a 12-page tabloid newspaper entitled "The Dirty Badge." Its pages, delivered to an unknown number of driveways around the county and throughout the Bristol Village retirement community, provides accounts of allegations against Reader.“It’s absolutely ridiculous. That was an absolute pathetic attempt to discredit everything that my office and I have done for the last 16 months.