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Whether they're married to the former stars of the National Basketball Association, dating a professional basketball players, or were formerly involved with one of the best NBA players of 2013-14, each will be forever connected to the pro basketball world by association.The similarities may stop there, but at once point or another in their life, if not currently, each of these ladies dated or married one of the many star basketball players in the NBA.

After consulting a panel evenly split between men and women, conducting a few polls and shuffling the order a few dozen times, though, we finally settled on the list below.

Better would be to link to the actual Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue covers.

I have yet to vote myself, seems Kate Upton is leading, there are a few I could really vote for: Verakova Murphy Miller Decker Shayk Upton Aldridge Davis Pestova Maybe Refaeli.

Link to the NBA She’s the wife of Marko Jaric of the Minnesota Timberwolves and they have a daughter together, Valentina Lima Jaric. Brazilian Adriana Lima is a Victoria’s Secret Angel and one of the highest-paid models in the world.

She has also appeared as a spokesmodel for Maybelline and has dabbled in acting.

Better would be to link to the actual Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue covers. To me, the blondes are all pretty much interchangeable - gorgeous obviously, but they look basically the same to me. How to determine which ultra beautiful woman is the most beautiful out of a bunch of ultra beauties?

(Link is to a google image search for the same text as the link name.) Based on covers, for me it was between Kate Upton and Brooklyn Decker. Here's a slideshow of cover photos, though it's not bound by year.

When a non hispanic person becomes obsessed with dating or trying to get with mexicans or puerto ricans of the opposite gender.

The hottest basketball wives and girlfriends include models, actresses, television personalities, athletes, and more than a few very wealthy divorced women.

Anymore pictures you all want, feel free to do a search on your own.

Nothing too risqu, only bikini photos and fully clothed ones.

Whatever the case, these sexy NBA wives and girlfriends rival any other professional sport's wives in both beauty and success.

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