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Written from an afrolatinx trans position, the work deals with the trap of visibility, the coloniality of gender, and the refusal of cogency in a moment where trans is trending (that is, being commodified and whitewashed)darts from image to image in their poems, working in a digitally-influenced poetic register which, as Brian Droitcour describes, “looks like flarf but isn’t.” The result is a text that resists opportunities for the reader to connect the dots, instead pushing toward an expanded lyric awareness in which poiesis does not betray its site-specificity, and gender nonconformity is not confined to a false narrative of emergence from white modernity.Ebo Barton is a Black and Filipino queer poet and artist living in Seattle, WA.

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Ebo Barton, Anisa Jackson, Reverend Dollars, Yani Robinson, and manuel arturo abreu INCA: 2 West Roy St.

Seattle, WA, 98110 24 March 2017, 7-9pm Curated by manuel arturo abreu _________________________________Published by Quimérica Books in Dec 2016, transtrender is a book of lyric poems investigating the impossibility of language to express the bodily and social experience of transness.

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He previously entered the Top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 via his co-production roles on Charli XCX's "Break the Rules" and Tory Lanez's "Luv," and has also worked with the likes of Ryn Weaver, Tinashe, and the Weeknd.

On 9, a debut album that follows an assortment of headlining singles and EPs dating back to 2012, the producer refines his slightly left-of center, R&B-inspired pop with assistance from Lanez (on "Trust Nobody," with Selena Gomez), the Weeknd (on "Wild Love," with Francis and the Lights), and several other high-profile collaborators.

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