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Application procedure We welcome applications from students from all around the world and from a wide variety of educational systems.We do not take into consideration an applicant’s race, religion, national origin, sex or country citizenship in determining admission to the college programs.

Valeri Dimitrov (Bulgaria) Women Lightweight (-50kg) 1. Application procedures differ for the applicants from EU counties and those from other countries in all over the world.We will be pleased to provide you with all necessary application materials as well as with any course or programme you may require.You will also be able to discuss any questions by contacting International Relations Department: Head of International Studies Mr Marius Zalieckas Ulonu str.5, Vilnius (308 room) E-mail: [email protected]: 370 5 2043252 Fax: 370 5 2043312 The application procedure for students from non-EU countries Students from non-EU countries that apply to the SMK University of Applied Social Sciences have to apply for visa D, Temporary Residence and Study Permit as well.We compile up-do-date statistics and research on the development of the economy, the investment climate, and specific industries and locations to help you choose the perfect site for your business.

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Lithuania participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

The artist and song that represented Lithuania in the 2017 contest were selected through a national final, „Eurovizijos“ dainų konkurso nacionalinė atranka, organised by the Lithuanian broadcaster Lithuanian National Radio and Television (LRT), culminating in a final on 11 March 2017.

We promote Lithuanian brand, ensuring that global business is tuned into what Lithuania has to offer.

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The nation’s best placing in the contest was sixth, which it achieved in 2006 with the song "We Are the Winners" performed by LT United.