Flynn summer dating fanfiction

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Flynn summer dating fanfiction

requested by Kitten Moonlight ❤ Sorry it's a bit late, but Hope you like it love!

It's quite funny, really because before being friends, you did not like him one bit. The first time you two had a deep connection was when you found him at the park swings alone.After that night, you became two became close which eventually lead up to being best friends. Bye Hannah, i'll see you later, bye Clay""Bye! As you were walking in the hallway, you felt someone's presence next to you. Hey I was wondering if you wanted to hangout after school? ""Yeah sure just text me so I know where to meet you! " He yells as he goes up to you to give you a warm hug. "Sorry I've been busy all day, I've been talking to teachers about what to do for the year and all that.""It's only the second week and you're already worrying about that, oh my gosh I need to change yours ways" he says while playfully pushing you. *At the park*I see her smiling and laughing with him while eating ice cream. " "Listen we have been best friends from the start and I don't want to ruin our friendship. So yes I'm trying to tell you that i have loved you since the beginning and I want you to be mine and only mine." You look at him with tears in your eyes as you say, "It's about time Justin Foley, I have been waiting for you to say those words to me since summer.It's Sophomore year and life couldn't be any better. She was a close friend of yours too since you guys got along really well when she first came. " "Okay see you later" *Time skip, before the bell rings for the day to be over* You're walking to your locker so you can put your things away and meet up with Alex. "Oh shut up you know how I am, I can't help it but you love me for it so you can't say anything"Justin mumbles "you're damn right I love you" but you didn't hear since it was so low. " "Oh no I was wondering if you wanted to hangout right now since school's over? You're so slow and prideful but that's okay because I love you too." "Well in this case, would you like to be my girlfriend? You were spending the day with your best friend, Guy Cecil. "It was a warm spring afternoon and the next day was Mother's Day.Stories that veer away from the generally accepted Superman legend, exploring "what if" scenarios.

Episode continuations and in-between scenes we never got to see but really wanted to.Isabella wears a pink jumper under her white T-shirt and a matching bow.Isabella has a huge crush on Phineas, because he makes stuff nobody has ever done. to see the official appearances, go to search "Isabella" or, click on the button at the top."Spoiler" Warning: For some stories, merely including them in a category gives away a major plot point, or some information the author had intended as a surprise.Stories in the Revelations categories, for example, will have someone finding out Clark is Superman. For everyone who hoped Lois and Clark would get together, these romantic, WAFFy stories are for you.fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page.

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